Estrela Rescue & Rehoming

The EMDC (UK) will endeavour to assist in the re-homing of any Estrelas which are unfortunate enough to find themselves in need. If you find yourself in the position of needing assistance to re-home an Estrela, or maybe you are just looking for temporary cover, please contact us and we will do what we can to help.

The Committee realises that we all have changes in life which can occasionally cause us to have to make tough choices. We will not judge you, our sole interest is to help to find any dogs a permanent, loving home.

Any dog which is re-homed by the EMDC (UK) and has KC papers available, will have them withheld. These papers will become the property of the EMDC (UK).

Please email either the Rescue Co-ordinator or the Secretary  (or call 07490 986674) if you need help, or if you are interested in helping an Estrela in need by fostering or adopting.

URGENT - Eva needs urgent home or foster placement

Eva needs an urgent home or foster placement. Her owners only have a limited amount of time to find somewhere for her.

Eva has a health issue that we are trying to find out more information about so potential adopters will need to consider this. For now a foster placement whilst her condition is evaluated is very much needed.

Eva can be placed with other animals but hasn’t lived with children.

For further information please contact Estrela Mountain Dog Welfare & Rescue.

Meet Oscar and Rose

Meet Oscar and Rose. They are both two years old and looking for a new home either together or separately. Both have been assessed by us in their home and were friendly and pleasant dogs.

Oscar is an entire male, he’s always lived outside and been reared around small children. He’s strong on the lead and barks with excitement when he sees other dogs so would need some firm but kind training to address this. Oscar would need to be neutered. He is boisterous and has hasn’t lived in a house before. He could live with a sensible medium to large spayed bitch. He is untested with cats.

Rose is a spayed bitch. She is used to children but untested with cats. She could live with other dogs with proper introductions. Rose is calmer than Oscar and medium in size.

If you would like to enquire please send us a message. Mainland UK applicants only.

For further information please contact Estrela Mountain Dog Welfare & Rescue.