Championship Shows

The Championship Dog Show List below contains all Championship dog shows within the UK. Not all of these have Estrela Mountain Dog Classes, however you should then be able to enter under AVNSC (Pastoral).

Championship Dog Show List: 2020

Open Shows

The EMDC (UK) have created our very own Estrela MD Open Show List to make it easier for you to follow the breed. This includes every Open Show (to our knowledge) which holds classes.

Open Show List Update 2019

New to Showing?

Starting out in the show world can feel a little daunting to begin with, but don’t worry too much. There is lots of information you can research about online and hopefully we can help you on your way too. Below are a few items you may find useful to look into and consider before you start your dogs showing career. The Kennel Club webpage has lots of information! We have a knowledgeable team ready to help you on your way to owning and showing successfully. Become a member of our club and receive updates before we share to the public.



Ringcraft is a fantastic way to socialise your dogs and meet like minded people, learn about shows, show etiquette and of course train yourself and you dog to be the best you both can be in the show ring. Often clubs will hold light hearted competitions and tea and coffee events too.


Classifications of Dog Shows

There are different types of dog shows, so it may be a good idea to do a little research as to which is most suitable for you and your dog, speaking to people who attend these already is a good way to see which may suit you best to begin with. In the UK dogs must be 6 months old before they can compete in conformation dog shows. There are Limit Shows, Open Shows, Premier Open Show and Championship Shows.


Entering a Dog Show

Once you have trained your dog and decided what type of dog show is suitable, it’s then time to think about entering your first show! This is often an exciting but nerve wracking time, but don’t worry, just do everything you have practiced. Shows should be entered before the specified closing date, once closing dates have passed, you will be unable to enter unless this is then extended. There are many which you cannot just turn up to, so it’s an idea to find out which ones you can and cannot show up to without entering. The kennel club have lots of information on their webpage and there are some links to the right where you can find show schedules, results and more.


Being at a Dog Show

There is more to conformation showing than just ‘looking pretty’ in the show ring. It’s all about the UK breed standard and which dog the judge believes to be the best representation of this on the day. Judges will have their own way of assessing each entry, however there are rules they and you must follow. A judge in most cases will be looking for a sound dog on the move, likeness to the breed standard and looking for key breed specific features. It is fascinating just to sometimes sit and watch.


Class Classification

As-well as different show types, there are different classes. Which you choose may depend upon the amount of awards your dog has previously won, the age of the dog, sex and breed. There are also classes at some shows for good citizens, rare breeds (which the Estrela can enter) and stakes classes.


CRUFTS, and how to qualify

Every show dog owners dream is to be on that big green carpet. But how do you qualify!?

Crufts 2020 – how to qualify: You must be places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a breed class or AVNSC at a championship dog show or premiere dog show prior to entry closing date.